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Keeping your neighbourhoods green

Sutton Housing Partnership is committing to replacing every tree we cut down and only removing trees which prove to be a threat to life, limb or property.

Earlier this month our external services team successfully finished planting 10 extra large trees across the borough in various locations

We want to ensure your neighbourhood is kept safe and clean. This is part of our commitment to delivering neighbourhoods people can be proud of, which includes working with residents to deliver good external spaces. If you spot any incidents of fly tipping on our estates please report them to us.

Paul Fisher, Tree, Voids And Garden Officer explained: “We are committed to the environment and also to ensuring that our estates remain green and pleasant environments. Trees play a crucial role in cleaning the air and providing oxygen as well as being great for biodiversity so it's essential for us to maintain our stock of trees at their current level.

“As a result, we only ever remove a tree if it is dangerous and can't be made safe. We're now committing to going even further to protect our stock of trees by replacing every communal tree we cut down."


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