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New community orchard for St Helier

Students from Tweedale Primary School joined forces with councillors, staff from Sutton Council and the David Weir Leisure Centre to plant St Helier’s first community orchard on Thursday 22 November.

The orchard, on the St Helier Open Space near Tweeddale Road, contains 12 mature fruit trees and numerous saplings which will continue to grow for future generations. Residents will  now be able to enjoy watching the orchard grow, as well as picking their own healthy snacks.

The project has been funded by the St Helier, The Wandle and The Wrythe Local Committee, which previously funded the outdoor gym on the St Helier open space. The committee supports projects proposed by local residents to improve the area and strengthen St Helier’s community.

Cllr Jean Crossby, councillor for St Helier ward, named the orchard ‘The St Helier and Tweeddale Orchard’ in recognition of the hard working students who helped plant the trees.

“I’m thrilled to support this new orchard, helping to make St Helier a healthier, more sustainable place to live. It was wonderful to see the Tweedale students working alongside local councillors and staff from the David Weir Leisure Centre to get the trees planted. Events like this really show what we can achieve as a community,” says Cllr Crossby

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Table of tree planting photos
Group shot of children planting trees Councillors Crossby and Moral at tree planting
Staff explaining how to plant trees to school children School children planting trees at St Helier