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Pride of place: gardening in St Helier

Peter Haycox has been an SHP resident for 15 years, first in Wallington and then in St Helier. We spoke to Peter about bringing people together through gardening and the role of residents’ associations.

“I started a gardening project at Lovett Drive last summer. I started by tidying it up a bit, then I realised there was a chance to turn it into a gardening club.

“I got some funding through the SHP Community Fund to buy more plants, tools and a gazebo. I feel proud when I see the difference it’s making - people sitting out in the garden and chatting.

“My favourite thing about my community is the people. Everyone contributes in their own way. Sometimes when I’m gardening people will bring me cups of tea and biscuits. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it makes a big difference. It’s about people doing something together.

“Our next project is to do the garden at the Seven Acres Community Hub. We’ve got some funding from SHP and we’re looking for volunteers to help. If you can lend a hand contact

“I’ve also been involved with my local residents’ association. I’ve done the role of community rep, which involved speaking to people and finding out what’s affecting them. Residents associations are a good thing. They mean you have somewhere to go if you have an issue, it’s a way of making your voice heard.

“If you’re thinking about doing something in your community - just do it! You can make a difference.”

SHP will help you find the right way to get involved, whether it’s through a community event, a residents’ association or starting your own community group. Find out more about the different ways you can get involved - and don't forget, you can always contact your local residents’ association directly.


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