SHP reduces the cost of repairing empty properties | News

SHP reduces the cost of repairing empty properties

SHP has recently initiated a project to improve the quality of our overall repairs service, increase customer satisfaction, and also reduce the costs of running the service.

Following improvements, we have reduced the average cost to repair each empty property from £4,764 in July 2017, to £2,426 in November 2017.

These savings allow us to protect front-line housing services, ensuring we can deliver quality homes and safe neighbourhoods for those in need of social housing in Sutton.

Meanwhile, new tenant satisfaction with the condition of their property remains above 96% since April 2017, which means we continue to deliver the quality homes residents expect.

Where properties are left in an unacceptable condition by an outgoing tenant, or items and rubbish are left in the property or garden, SHP will charge the full cost of repairs or removal to the former resident.