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Stay safe from scams

Scammers use clever schemes to trick people into giving them money or information. Some try to gain access to people's homes by pretending to be from companies like British Gas, or saying they're there on behalf of your landlord.

Unfortunately some of these scams have been reported in Sutton, and the police are working to stop them. Here are some simple steps you can take to protect yourself.

Ask for ID 

All SHP appointed contractors will make an appointment with you prior to visiting your home. All our contractors carry ID, and you can ask them to see it! If you want to verify any of our staff or contractors, please call us on 020 8915 2000.

Get scam smart

The Metropolitan Police have created 'The 10 golden rules to prevent fraud'. Learn these to protect yourself and your family from scams. 

The 10 golden rules to prevent fraud

Report it

If you think you’ve uncovered a scam, been targeted by a scam or fallen victim to fraudsters, report it here.

It's important to tell the police so they can do something about it - how else will they know to go after the fraudsters?

If you do fall victim to a scam, remember ther are lots of people in a similar position. Any information you share will help the police build a complete picture and stop the scammers.