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Tackling rogue landlords

Following our recent investigation into unlawful alterations, two leaseholders have fully cooperated with SHP to convert their properties back to single homes, having been found to have breached their lease by letting rooms out separately.

Leaseholders must seek consent from SHP before subletting their properties, and must not turn their properties into more than one residence. 

Having undertaken the required works, including removing locks from separate bedroom doors, both properties have been inspected by SHP surveyors to confirm that they once again conform to their lease and fire standards.

Two other landlords are facing the possibility of being served with injunctions, with a court date set should they still fail to comply with their lease and fire safety standards.

Nine others have been given 28 days to make the relevant changes to their property to avoid further legal action. We are continuing to inspect all known sublet properties and will take appropriate enforcement action where relevant.

Are you a leaseholder?

Remember, as per the terms of your lease, you must:

  • seek consent from SHP before you sublet your property
  • maintain your property as a single household home at all times
  • seek consent to make alterations to your property such as fitting new kitchens and bathrooms, removing internal doors etc.

SHP will always:

  • refuse permission to convert a leasehold flat into more than a single private residence, i.e. a ‘House in Multiple Occupation’ (HMO)
  • use its legal powers (through the council) to forfeit a lease and gain possession of the property if a leaseholder has sub-divided their flat and does not restore it to a single home.

For more information or to report a concern regarding a potential HMO, email our Home Ownership Services Team:

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