Repairs, maintenance and safety


SHP is responsible for making sure properties and their structure are safe, secure and kept to a decent standard.

Tenants are responsible for reporting repairs and keeping the property in good order.

Leaseholders are responsible for repairs within their property and in some cases the structure and exterior of the property.

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How to report a repair

Repair responsibilities

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Fire safety

We are committed to keeping residents safe in their homes by maintaining fire precautions in our properties and providing information and advice to residents. Click here to read our fire safety information and advice. 

Gas safety check

Every year we carry out a gas safety check to make sure the property is safe, and installations are working correctly. See below for more information

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Carbon monoxide - Protect yourself

Major Works

We want to make sure that all council homes are safe, secure, kept to a decent standard and are attractive places where people choose to live. We involve our residents in the improvement work we carry out through residents' association meetings, drop in information days and site visits to your home.

If we are carrying out improvement works in your home, we will try to offer you a range of different kitchen finishes, tiles, flooring and paint colours where available.

Aids and adaptations

If you or a member of your household need your property adapted you can request an Occupational Therapist (OT) from Sutton Council assess your needs.

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