Plans & Performance

Our Plans

Our long-term plans and key documents can be found here:

Annual Delivery Plan Update 2018-19 [pdf] 721KB

Value For Money Statement [pdf] 258KB 

Annual Financial Reports and Accounts

Annual Governance Statement 2017- 2018.pdf [pdf] 434KB

Board Member's Declaration of Interests.pdf [pdf] 39KB

Customer Strategy SHP 2016 - 2021 [pdf] 457KB 

Service standards.pdf[pdf] 131KB

Satisfaction Surveys

Every resident will be asked to take part in a telephone survey at least once within a two year period, giving you the opportunity to tell us how you think we are performing. This is carried out by a company called Acuity.

Our Performance

Our key performance indicators (KPIs) measure how we are doing and how satisfied our residents are.

We also use service performance indicators (SPIs) to manage our day-to-day work and report to the Housing, Economy and Business Committee of Sutton Council. 

We benchmark our performance against other housing providers in London and England by submitting data and information to HouseMark.

Want to get more involved in monitoring SHP's performance? Think about joining our Performance Committee

November 2018 performance report [pdf]

Annual reports

SHP Annual Report 2017-18 [pdf] 295KB

SHP Annual Report 2016-17 [pdf] 6MB

SHP Annual Report 2015-16 [pdf] 3MB

SHP Annual Report 2014-15 [pdf] 7MB

SHP Annual Report 2013 -14 [pdf] 2MB