Report a repair

SHP is responsible for making sure properties are safe, secure and kept to a decent standard.


If you have an emergency repair between 8:45am and 5pm Monday to Friday call 0208 915 2000

If you have an emergency repair at any other time call 0208 770 5000

If you smell gas call National Grid on 0800 111 999

Report a repair online here


1 - Report it

When you report a repair you will need to tell us  

  • who is reporting the repair

  • what the repair is

  • where the repair is and any access needs

  • how we can contact that person reporting the repair.


What repairs are you responsible for?


SHP are responsible for:

  • the structure of your property – including walls, ceiling, roof and windows

  • gas and electricity safety

  • maintaining the condition of shared parts of a building or housing estate


Tenants are responsible for things like:

  • decorating and plastering the property

  • pest control

  • fixing a curtain or shower rail

  • getting keys cut if you lose them

  • arranging and paying for any damage you or your visitors have caused in your home to be put right.

  • contents insurance

Tenants handbook.pdf [pdf] 1MB


Leaseholders are responsible for repairs within their property and in some cases the structure and exterior of the property.

Leaseholders Handbook 2017.pdf 1MB


Repair responsibilities


How quickly will we attend?

We will prioritise the repair when you report it. The priority will be based on how severe the repair is. The priority chosen guides the action we take and how quickly we respond.


Repairs are prioritised as either A, B , C or D.

  • A – make property safe within 3 hours.
  • B – make property safe within 24 hours.
  • C – go to the property and finish the repair within 5 working days.
  • D – go to the property and finish the repair within 20 working days.


2 - Attend

When you report the repair we will arrange a time to attend with you. For non emergencies we offer appointments Monday to Friday between:

8am - 10am

10am - 12noon

12noon - 2pm

2pm - 4pm


If the repair is a communal repair we will still agree a time to attend but you do not need to be present.


3 - Fix

We will attend within the agreed time slot and do the repair. We will let you know when we are on route to the appointment.


If we cannot access the property we will contact you. If we cannot contact you we will leave a card asking you to make contact to rearrange.


If we need to return or order specialist parts we will make another appointment with you while on site.   


Things to keep in mind
  • we may charge you for any damage to the property that’s not down to wear and tear.

  • we may charge you for repairs that fall outside what we are responsible for.

  • Tenants have the right to repair for small repairs which are not finished in a timely fashion. Right to repair legislation

  • Asbestos - If you are concerned about asbestos in your property contact us.

  • Buildings insurance - all tenants and leasehold properties are covered by London Borough of Sutton buildings insurance 

  • Contents Insurance - you should take out your own contents insurance

  • Liability claims - You should direct any liability claims to Sutton Council